Running & How It Relates to Dentistry


  We are always trying to find ways to relate to our patients, Dr. Lindsey Pikos Rosati, a Periodontist with Coastal Jaw Surgery, has discovered a way that she can explain dentistry and her love for running so everyone can understand. Dr. Rosati began running track in middle school and discovered she loved it. She continued to run throughout her school years in track and cross country. She now runs marathons, one of which was the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts. Besides for family and her job it is her one big passion. So when she says running is like dentistry we have to ask ourselves – are those two things even closely related? Like running, dentistry is an emotional rollercoaster. In both examples, you are tested both emotionally, mentally and physically. Like running you want to keep three main things in mind: visualize the finish line, take action, and think positive. Visualize the finish line. In running the finish line is the goal. Running until you pass that line is always what you have your eyes set on. It is the same thing with your teeth and gums. Imagine how you want them to look. Imagine how you see your smile. Imagine not hiding your smile because you are confident enough to share it with the world. Imagine better oral health. Imagine just coming into the dentist office. For many of you, the goal is to take the steps into our office. We applaud you!  So many of us fear the dentist. We understand – we really do! But that isn’t an excuse to not come see us. We are here to help you get to your dental finish line. Our goal is to see your smile with no shame or hesitation. Take action. You can’t go run a marathon without walking a mile first. Once you walk a mile, you jog the mile, then run the mile. After the first mile, you run two – and the cycle continues. It is the same with your teeth and gums. Are you only brushing your teeth once a week? Start brushing your teeth three times a week. Then every day. Then twice a day. Do you brush your teeth twice a day but don’t floss? Your baby step would be to start flossing – once a day, twice a day, after every meal. It is all about baby steps. Think positive. Halfway through the race and a cramp sets in, you’re tired and just overwhelmed, can you give in and not finish? We guess so – are you? No, you don’t. You push through to the goal. Think positive, remember the goal. The smile you don’t have to hide, the food you can eat again, or improving your overall health just by taking care of your teeth and gums. Positive self-talk and vibes will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Thank you, Dr. Rosati, for taking the time to provide an analogy on how to deal with our dental fears to complete the task at hand and win a beautiful smile! Do you still have questions? Our doctors are here to help and want you to feel comfortable during your dental/oral surgery visit. We are here to help you – ask us!